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Non-Asbestos Gland Packings


  • Construction: High quality combination of Pure PTFE-Graphite blended Yarn with Pure Aramid yarn at the 4 corners.This packing is a low friction & excellent wear resistant packing.

Technical Parameters:

  • Temperature: -240oC to +260oC
  • pH Range: 0-12
  • Pressure: 200 Kg/Cm2
  • Velocity: 20 Meters / Second
  • APPLICATIONS: With good sliding properties and thermal conductivity, aramid gland packing can be used in high pressure pumps with sliding velocity. Aramide yarn corners prevent gap extrusion in high pressure & high temperature applications. It is widely used in pistons pumps, mixers, stirrers, reactors, paper mill & other applications involving abrasive media.
  • RUBBER CORE PTFE-GRAPHITE WITH ARAMID PACKINGS: This packing can be made available with silicon / rubber solid or hollow core. A specially developed packing for use on rotating equipments with excessive shaft deviation. It also reduces shaft / sleeve wear. The center of silicon core / cord gives it strong restoration properties and exerts back-pressure, resulting in total sealing. Aramid gland packing is suitable for pumps, reactors, mixers, agitators, etc.
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