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Delrin Rods,Sheets & Machined Components


Delrin Rod sheet

Petrorays brings to you high grade Polyacetal sheets, plates and rods.

These are among the strongest and stiffest of all thermoplastics.

Polyacetal (Derlin) rod and sheet plastic materials are have good fatigue life, low moisture, good electrical properties sensitivity and high resistance to solvents and chemicals. We are manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of delrin rods in Mumbai, India to all over the world.

Polyacetal - POM is a semi crystalline engineering plastic that is beneficial to engineering applications & is suited to CNC machining

In polyacetal Homo Polymer and Copolymer grades are available including an enhanced bearing grade material.

  • Polyacetal Co-polymer(POM-C) : is more resistant against strong alkalis and thermal oxidativedegradation than the homo-polymer (POM-H).
  • Polyacetal Homo-polymer (POM-H) : has superior mechanical strength, better wear resistance, is more stiff, and creep resistance and has lower thermal expansion rate as compared to polyacetal copolymer (POM-C).
  • High tensile strength, impact resistance and stiffness.
  • Outstanding fatigue resistance.
  • Outstanding resistance against automotive fuels, Lubricants, Solvents and many neutral chemicals.
  • Excellent dimensional stability.
  • Very Good electrical insulating properties.
  • Excellent Mechanical properties.
  • Low co-efficient.