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PTFE Coated FG Cloth & Adhesive Cloth

PTFE Coated Fibreglass Adhesive Tapes

PTFE Adhesive Tape

Petrorays Brings to you, PTFE coated fibre Glass is coated on one side with high temperature resistant pressure sensitive silicone adhesive.

These adhesive tapes can withstand temperature resistance upto 260oC.

These Tapes are used in sealing of polymer film in FFS, Impulse sealer Band Sealer, & bags making machine. We are manufacturers and suppliers of teflon coated fiberglass tape in Mumbai, India to all over the world.

Applying PTFE COATED TAPES on the heating element allows the heat to transfer and fuse the plastic without the plastic sticking to the heating element ensuring a permanent seal.

This tapes withstands temperatures up to 260oC and serves as an excellent anti-stick surface where the requirements are stringent.

Petrorays offers OSA (One side Adhesive) tapes in various sizes. We also have fabrics & Tapes which gives impression on the sealing area.

Petrorays can also offer Premium grades of Adhesive tapes which are specially used in Oil & Ghee packings.

Thickness Total Adhesive Breaking strength DI-Electric Strength
Mil mm Thickness Adhesion (Gms/cm) (Kg/Cm) (Volts)
3 0.075 0.12mm 600 7 4500
5 0.125 0.17mm 1050 14 5000
6 0.15 0.20mm 1050 16 7500
10 0.25 0.30mm 1050 28 5000