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PTFE Coated Fibreglass Cloth

PTFE Coated Fibreglass Cloth

PTFE Coated Fibreglass Cloth

Petrorays brings to you an PTFE (Teflon® ) coated Fibreglass Cloth. It has outstanding properties like:

Non-stick, non-toxic, abrasion free, self lubricating, non-flammable, non brittle, Unaffected by any atmospheric conditions, fungus resistant, are some of its major properties.

All the properties are maintained over a wide operating temperature: -200oC to +260oC.

A combination of both the materials produces a rare blend of teflon coated fibreglass cloths, retaining all the properties of both the materials. We are manufacturers and suppliers of ptfe coated fibreglass cloth in Mumbai India to all over the world.

It is highly suitable for manufacturing conveyor belts for high temperature resistance etc.

The main attributes of our Wires are as follows:

  • Sizes: 0.50mm ID to 14.00mm ID
  • Temperature: -65oC to +260oC
  • Approvals: LCSO
  • MFG as per: JSS-51038 (MIL-W-16878)

Physical/Mechanical Properties:

  • It has an outstanding non-stick properties.
  • Light weight So it requires very low power to drive.
  • Good tensile, wear & tear strength.
  • Very low elongation at break.

Electrical Properties:

  • Unmatched di-electric properties, which makes the belts appropriate choice for use in micro-wave Ovens.
  • Distinct electrical insulation properties.

Chemical Properties:

  • Non-toxic - Safe & hygiene.
  • Inert to almost all kinds of chemicals, paints & solvents.
  • Low moisture absorption.
  • Immune to fumes & fungus.

Thermal Properties:

  • Saves heat energy during passage through oven or dryer.
  • Does not loose energy through radiation.
  • Operating temperature -200oC to +360oC.