: PTFE yarn coated with graphite and lubricated with an inert high temperature lubricant.

Technical Parameters:


: -240oC to +300oC

pH Range

: 0-14


: 300 Kg/Cm2


: 20 Meters / Second


Acidic Gas

Concentrated Alkalis

Mineral Oil & Grease


Volatile Hydrocarbon


Paint Varnish


Neutral Solutions

Amines & Nitrates




Concentrated Acids

Synthetic oils

Abrasive media

Recommended Limited Recommendable


1When rings are to be formed from continuous length of packing, spirally wrap the packing around a rod of diameter equivalent to the valve spindle. Cut the required number of rings to fill the packing space, with a sharp knife to obtain good butt joints.
2 Remove all old packing carefully.
3 Clean properly all the surfaces that will be in constant contact with the packing and if possible apply lubricant. Check gland and neck bushes and spindle or shaft surface for wear and repair if necessary.
4 Place the first ring around the spindle or shaft by opening to an ā€œsā€ configuration to ensure that the ring is not damaged.
5 First partially enter both ends of the first ring simultaneously into the stuffing box and then insert the remaining part of the rings. After that firmly push it to the bottom of the stuffing box.Assist with split sleeve
6 Similarly insert other rings and ensure that the joints are at 900. N.B: rings must be fitted individually and not as a set


1When all the rings have been fitted to fill the stuffing box, fit the gland follower and tighten the gland nuts to level the gland spigot. Tighten up to finger tightness only, then turn nut by one or two thread, loose it back & again tighten up to finger tightness again. (when storage is anticipated the gland should be left slack.) DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
2Run pump up to operating speed for 10 to 15 minutes. If there is no leakage, stop pump, and loosen gland further. Repeat until leakage occurs. The controlled leakage, essential for lubrications purpose, can then be obtained by running the pump and evenly tightening the gland nut in increments of two threads until approximately one drop every few seconds is obtained. Approximately 15 minutes should be left between successive adjustments.


1When all the rings have been fitted to fill the stuffing box, fit the gland follower and tighten the gland nuts to level the gland spigot. Tighten evenly until spindle has been tightly gripped then ease off the gland nuts so that the spindle will just turn. The system pressure can now be introduced.
2After a few hours service it is advisable to check the gland adjustment for any looseness that may have taken place due to initial setting in.
  • This packing is suitable for high-speed rotary application.
  • It can be used in contact with most media including the most aggressives.
  • Also suitable for oxygen, paints, lacquers, varnishes.
  • This packing is used in chemicals ,petrochemicals, paper & pulp industries textiles industries power plants, etc