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PTFE Machine Components


PTFE Machine

Petrorays can deliver all kinds of PTFE machine parts or components.

PTFE with its versatile characteristics like wide temperature withstanding capacity From -180oC to +260oC, chemically inert, excellent dielectric properties, low water absorption, lowest co-efficient of friction, resistance to ultra violets rays, non adhesive, non-ageing etc. has wide industrial applications in Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Bio-medical, Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Aeronautical, Environmental, Defence & space engineering applications.

PTFE Machined Parts & Components:

  • We can produce all kinds PTFE machined parts & components : such as piston rings, washers, bearings, valves seat rings, seal cover, roof packing, plug valves sleeve, wedge rings, 'O' rings, balls, bushings, insulators, pipe joints, guides, breaks, piston & rider rings, hydraulic earth mover seals etc, and all types of components for non-lubricates compressors or any PTFE components as per clients sample, specification and drawing.
  • We can produce all these machined parts & components in all kinds of filled grades of PTFE : Filled Grades: Glass fibres, Carbon, Graphite, Molybdenum disulphide & Bronze
  • PTFE Gasketing material : Gaskets, Washers, O/D/V/U rings, Piston Rings.
  • PTFE Ball Valves Seats / Seals / Diaphragms.
  • PTFE Low Friction pads, bearing pads for machine tools guide ways and slide ways.
  • PTFE Bearings for Conveyor belts.
  • PTFE Capacitors film.
  • PTFE Thin walled spaghetti tubing for insulation in aircraft and space vehicles
  • PTFE Barb Insulators.
  • PTFE Connectors.