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PTFE Wires Cables & Sleeves

PTFE Sleeves

PTFE Sleeves

Petrorays brings to you superior quality of ptfe sleeves. These sleeves are available in different sizes. These ptfe sleeves are manufactured as per the international quality standards. Our teams are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of ptfe sleeves in Mumbai, India to all over the world.

The main attributes of our Wires are as follows:

  • Sizes: 0.50mm ID to 14.00mm ID
  • Temperature: -65oC to +260oC
  • Approvals: LCSO
  • MFG as per: JSS-51038 (MIL-W-16878)
  • Working Temperature -65oC to 200oC.
  • Better mechanical and electrical properties.
  • Resistance to solder iron damage.
  • Resistance to most of the Chemicals.
  • Resistance to fire, sunlight, moisture.
  • Corona resistance.
  • Higher Reliability.
  • Highly Resistative to U.V Rays.
  • Non contamination, non-toxic and bio compatible.