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PTFE Thread Seal Tapes


PTFE Thread Seal Tapes
  • PTFE thread seal tapes can be used as a sealant in all types of threaded pipe materials like iron, steel, copper, aluminum, special steel, plastics including PVC pipes. Apart from these, the most important characteristics of PTFE thread seal tapes to be used as a thread sealant are the tensile strength properties and the density. Our teams are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of ptfe thread seal tape in Mumbai, India to all over the world. Performance of the tape is determined by the balance of tensile strength and elongation between the longitudinal and transverse directions & the percentage elongation at break in the transverse direction. Good drape is the ability of the ptfe thread seal tape to conform closely to the pipe threads without tearing.
  • PTFE thread seal tapes ensure long term high reliable service and easy disassembly. The tapes provide permanently sealed joints which will outlast the pipe under any service condition.
  • The inherent lubricant properties of the tape relieve falling, binding & sticking often encountered with other types of ptfe thread seal tape. The tape is so pliable that it seals in the roots of the pipe threads and it remains complaint at high and low temperatures and high pressures.
  • No acids, alkalis, or organic solvents and chemicals will chemically attack seals made from PTFE tape sealant. Since the tape does not harden with age, the joints do not freeze enabling easy disassembly of equipments. PTFE thread seal tape can be used with toxic flammable and absorbent materials.
  • Our PTFE thread seal tapes are guaranteed by UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC, USA. These high density PTFE thread seal tapes are available in yellow, Pink & white colors having various densities & widths. Its is suitable for lines carrying propane, butane, natural gas, water, oil & chemicals, usable on all types of pipes & threads & capable to withstand pressure upto 100 PSIG & temperature of -240oC to +260oC

Technical Parameters:

  • Thickness: 0.075mm (3 Mil)
  • Elongation: 165% to 190%
  • pH Range: 0-14
  • Temperature: -240oC to +260oC
  • Pressure: 200 Kg/Cm2
BRANDS Length 1 / 2" 3 / 4" 1"
Kohinoor 12 Meters
Tonica 12 Meters
Cross 12 Meters
Crown® 10 Meters
Copper® 10 Meters
C-Pack 10 Meters