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PTFE & Silicon Conveyor Belts


Silicone Coated Conveyor Belts

Petrorays brings high performance Silicon coated glass belts & fabrics. These fabrics are coated in varying degrees of thicknesses has a high level of thermal conductivity so therefore is a good choice of material where heat retention is required. The material itself offers a high temperature surface with a high level of release. our professional teams are manufacturers and suppliers of silicone coated conveyor belt in Mumbai India to all over the world.

Silicone coated conveyor belts have varied applications in many industries like:

  • Chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Bio-medical
  • Electrical
  • Electronic
  • Mechanical
  • Aeronautical
  • Environmental
  • Defence & space engineering applications

Heat retention being a key feature for this material it works extremely well as a silicone conveyor belt in shrink-wrap tunnels.

Teflon coated conveyor belt also are used at heat shrink tunnel curtains, trapping the heat within the chamber very well.

Due to its high surface release characteristics and is well suited for use on extrusion lines where rubbers, plastics or sticky products may stick to other belt surfaces.